Asbury Park/Neptune History

Lorenzo HarrisKathryn G Harris

         Lorenzo W. Harris Sr.                   Kathryn G. Harris

History of the Asbury Park/Neptune NAACP

In 1927, Lorenzo W. Harris Sr. and his wife Kathryn G. Harris founded the Asbury Park – Neptune NAACP.  Lorenzo and Kathryn fought against the discriminatory policies of the Asbury Park beach front which banned Negroes from patronizing the shops, amusement rides, restaurants and seating restrictions in the theaters.  Lorenzo contributed illustrations, articles and cartoons to The Crisis and Opportunity magazines. Kathryn’s involvement continued long after the death of her husband Lorenzo.  She held multiple offices including chapter president and committed to the organization as a lifetime member.

The Asbury Park – Neptune NAACP received its charter in 1947.